Computational design unicorn

What do you do if a building catches fire? Most people fortunately don’t have to worry about that. We do, and we need your help. Our Digital Innovation team is looking for a bright new addition, who can steer the development of various digital tools to assist in early-stage fire-safety assessments 

Get to know your ABC  

ABC is a highly successful consulting engineering firm, situated right by Glostrup Station, with a rapidly growing office in Silkeborg. Composed of over 120 specialists, we are highly ambitious and with a board that is constantly driving us forward, especially with regards to sustainability. Whether you are located nearer to Glostrup or Silkeborg is of little importance, as you can work from either. 

We have grown enormously since our founding in 2009 and have won the Gazelle-prize for growth, awarded by Danish financial- and business newspaper Børsen, eight of those 15 years. In the past four months alone, we have hired some 40 people. As such, you will be joining at an exciting time, when we are looking to not simply do business as usual but are trying to expand and evolve – which you will take a key role in.  


Meet your new teammates 

Digital Innovation is a small, agile team, whose task is nothing short of developing new, innovative tools and processes, aimed at solving tomorrow’s challenges in the construction industry. The team has so far been focused mostly on automating calculations in the early stages of structural design, but with you on board, we will be looking to take on a host of new challenges.  


Equal parts developer and facilitator  

As stated, you will initially be spearheading development of digital tools to help our fire-safety team in the early stages of fire-safety analysis and strategy designs. You will analyze early-stage sketches, decisions and strategies and provide various suggestions for data-supported solutions. You will also facilitate the effective exchange of data between the project stakeholders, while also engaging in cross-disciplinary projects, where the fire-safety team will provide input to other fields of expertise.  

You will be working closely with the others in the team on integration of solutions across the various development projects in Digital Innovation.  


What do you bring to the table?  

When faced with a challenge, no matter how abstract or obscure it might be, you always know of some creative solution – and if, for whatever reason, you don’t know the solution to the problem, you know where to look for one.  

You are never content to simply deal with issues as they arise but are instead constantly looking to get ahead of them, and you love to share your ideas and inspiration with your colleagues – if a co-worker is struggling with a complex challenge, you are the first to offer your knowledge and expertise!  

In addition to the above, you also tick most of, if not all, of the following boxes:  

  • You hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree within a relevant field of study, probably within engineering, computer engineering, programming or the like 
  • Your preferred programming languages are C# and python 
  • You have experience with Rhino SDK and Grasshopper, as well as Revit API 
  • You are comfortable with spatial and topological analysis  
  • You are knowledgeable of LLMs and preferably other AI models  
  • You are fluent in either Danish or English (as long as you speak one, you will do fine!) 


ABC is growing rapidly, and so will you 

The key to our success is the people working here – that may sound cliché, but it’s absolutely the truth. As such, we prioritize and invest in your development, both for your sake and for ours. You will have great opportunities for training and development in our ABC Academy, and your extremely qualified colleagues are always available for bouncing around ideas.  

When we’re not deep in thought about our various projects, we are often enjoying social events through our active staff association or the numerous hobby groups with everything from football matches, wine tasting events, paddle competitions and much more.  

Be a part of the ABC-team!  

We hope that a (metaphorical) fire has been lit in you, and that you are itching to join our digital innovation journey. If so, please submit your resumé to 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Head of Digital Innovation Martin Romby Hauge at or +45 2140 3798.